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She grabbed the snack and her lips curled into a smile. She giggled. Her little hands reached out for more. This was probably the best time of the day for her, snack time! After all, she is only 11 months old. As she laughed, her parents snuggled her closer because they knew that she would only be this small for a little while longer. Her mom kissed her check and pressed her nose in closer to show how much she loved her. Her dad smiled at his daughter and his bride as they all played together. In just one short month, she would be one.

This is so inspiring. Here are two parents that are crazy about their kid. There’s no doubt in our mind. Michelle and Luis love their little one, Elise. They know what makes her smile: snacks, peek-a-boo, and grandma. They will always be her parents and by her side. Bear Creek Park was a perfect spot for this moment. Plenty of space to play, wiggle and crawl! Elise was particularly drawn to the ducks! 🙂

Michelle, Luis, and Elise, from the moment we met your family we knew we would get along! We loved watching you play and have a blast together. You brought laughter and joyfulness to our evening! Thank you for trusting us to capture such a special time in your family! We hope you remember these moments for a long time, and we feel so honored to be a part of that process.

Lindsay and Brandon

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