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When Joyelle first asked me about family pictures, I was elated. I felt so honored that she would let us take them. You see, Joyelle has pictures everywhere in her house. Photo walls, photo books. Her house is filled with memories and smiles.

Brandon and I first met Joyelle and Matt in a small group at our church about a year ago. While we were in this group, we officially launched our photography careers. You could say that they have seen the before and after transformation! Over the last year, we have grown a deep friendship with this family. I’ve had the privilege of watching their three amazing and hilarious kids, Vivian, Henry, and Harrison. I have been able to see them grow up this year, and it’s been a huge privilege.

Every time we take family pictures, there is an amazing thing that happens. We see the giggles and click our shutters as fast as we can. I’ll glance down at my LCD screen and my mind will flash forward to Christmases and birthdays. For a quick moment, I can see the album Joyelle will make and put on their coffee table. Maybe one day, their grandkids will even see these! That’s why I love my job so much!

Joyelle and Matt, thank you for allowing us the amazing privilege of capturing your family. It means so much that you let us! Your love for each other and your kids is inspiring. We can’t wait to watch your family grow and see your kids thrive! We know they will!!

Lindsay and Brandon

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