Romantic Trinity Trail Engagement in Fort Worth | Gabriela & Austin


The Trinity Trails was the perfect spot for Gabriela and Austin’s engagement session. When we first met them on our virtual coffee date, we found out pretty quickly that they are very active people. They love being outside and they always are looking for ways to be active. So when we started to dream up a location for their engagement pictures, we really wanted to help capture that! We told them about the amazing spot on the Trinity Trails and they loved it!

It’s perfect for an adventurous couple like these two! We looked at one another with huge smiles when Gabriela said, “We have to come back here tomorrow and bike the trail!” That’s their element. Being outside, riding bikes, playing with their dog. Just like we are when we get our pictures taken, we knew they might be a little nervous! It didn’t help that people were on their evening strolls! At one point, Austin whispered under his breath, “We will never see these people again…” It’s totally nerve-racking to get in front a big scary professional camera! But, all we could see were smiles and giggles of two people totally in love! They were even up for it when we asked them if we could walk a half-mile down to the crossing where we could see the river!

Gabriela and Austin, thank you for always being up for an adventure. We had a blast hanging out with y’all! Thank you for trusting us with our crazy requests even while strangers passed by and watched! We are so pumped for your vineyard wedding in September, and we know it will be just as amazing! Your wedding day can’t get here fast enough!

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