Surprise Fort Worth Proposal | Lindsey & Samson


We’re waiting for Lindsey to arrive and we are just as nervous as Samson. You know that feeling where your palms are unnaturally sweating, so you keep wiping them on your pants? Or you think your heart could beat out of your chest? I’m sure it’s nothing in comparison to what Samson felt as he watched Lindsey’s location dot on his phone get closer and closer to his! “She’s almost here!” he said. We ran to our places!

Samson and sent Lindsey on an adventure. It was an Amazing Race themed scavenger hunt. Lindsey was taken to ten different locations where dear friends were waiting for her. Each presented her with an Amazing Race envelope prompting her to complete a task before she could head to the next location. The last task led her straight to Samson, where her best friend bid her goodbye!

When she walked down the pathway toward her soon-to-be fiance, tears of joy, excitement, and love were already rolling down her face. They couldn’t help but embrace one another. It was a moment they had been waiting for their entire lives! The moment was sweet, intimate, and 100% them. The whole moment lasted no longer than 3 minutes, but their lives will be forever different!

Lindsey and Samson, thank you for letting us be a part of such a special moment in your lives! We are forever grateful that you allowed us to capture something so precious! We can’t wait to watch you two grow. Samson, we had so much fun planning this incredible surprise for Lindsey! We hope you love your images, and that they will always remind you of how you felt this day. The day you said yes to your forever together!

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