Tandy Hills Family Session | Bigham Family


“I know you from somewhere! Did we go to TCU together?” It’s so crazy when you recognize someone from your past! Nick and Brandon did that thing where you point, tilt your head, and say in your mind “I know you!” What’s even crazier is Lindsay and Fernanda are old friends too!

I just love those people that think they are awkward on camera, but are perfectly lovely. All you have to do is let them do their thing, and it’s perfect natural to capture. Fernanda and Nora played and giggled, and as you will see, they look like they could be in a mother-daughter magazine add! 🙂 Add Nick into their family bundle and they became a joyful and photogenic family. When I say we barely gave them direction, I mean it! Even when we asked them to pretend walk, it made them smile all the more!

Fernanda, Nick, and Nora, we had so much fun hanging out in the middle of nowhere with you guys and catching up after all these years! I mean it’s so normal to get all dressed up and get your picture taken in the middle of a field with a view of Fort Worth, right? Nora is precious, and we can’t wait to see the kind of woman she will grown into! We loved watching you express your love for one another! We hope you cherish this season and these memories for years, and you feel proud to show Nora one day when she grows up!


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