Tandy Hill Anniversary Session | Luisa & Douglas


Luisa and Douglas: Travelers, photographers and in love.

Working alongside this talented couple on a warm evening in August was almost too easy, as we were smiling and laughing together almost instantly. We were there to capture Luisa and Douglas’ third year of marriage, and make some new friends.

Over the past few weeks, Luisa and Douglas have been traveling for their photography business, making memories literally all over the world. No joke! What an amazing way to celebrate their anniversary this month! Not only did we have the pleasure of taking their pictures, but they also spent much of our time together making us feel confident and comfortable and taking our pictures… (We’re so awkward in front of the camera). They truly work together as an amazing team. Luisa leading, and just right behind her, Douglas creeping in the background getting those candid shots we love. We can tell how much they care about one another even in the way they work together. It’s inspiring!

Luisa and Douglas, it has truly been an honor getting to know you guys. We love that we have so much in common and that there’s much to learn from one another. Douglas said it best when he told us, “It’s always about learning.” He’s SO right. Thank you for sharing your talents and wisdom with us. We know this is only the beginning of our friendship!


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