Fort Worth Gender Reveal | Baby Stone


It’s such a privilege to get to capture moments for the same families. Not just that, but some of our best friends. We’ve known Ethan and Kassidy for almost 5 years now. We watched them meet, date, get engaged, get married. We’ve walked with them through good and fun life, and also the hard stuff. We knew their first, Magnolia, before they even picked her name. We were able to watch her grow, learn, and begin to walk and talk! Now, we get to be a part of their next adventure!

Kassidy broke the news to me by calling me and asking if we could take some pictures. My ears perked up because it seemed like an odd request for the season of the year we are in right now. It’s not quite Fall and Summer is just about over.. Then she said, “We’re finding out the gender of our baby today!” I made an exciting noise, which obviously our dog, Bailey, didn’t like all that much. “Of course we can take pictures!!”

Ethan and Kassidy, what an honor it is to be your friends. Not only that, to get to capture all of these moments for you is a huge privilege. The time is passing by quicker than we ever thought they would, and we love that we get to be a part of this! We can’t wait to meet your sweet little girl and watch her take her first steps, speak her first words, and grow up! Here’s to many more memories and life-changing moments!


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