The Facebook Message | The Story of Us Series Part 1

Our Life

We are introducing a 2 part series over the next few week where we will be sharing our love story. We want you to know us just as much as we want to know you!

I was sitting with my best friend, with a glass of sweet white wine, swapping stories about our that day when my phone lit up. I swiped to open the notification and I had a Facebook message from a boy in my class that I had had a few conversations with.

When I first saw Brandon, we were in an Advanced Video Production class. I remember him being smiley and a complete goofball. One day, he had come to class after Happy Hour. He was extra giggley that day. He was talented to. He acted in many of the scenes, and was outspoken about his opinions. We were partnered on a script that he wrote and would be directing. I was the assistant director. We laugh about this project now because we didn’t know how true to our personalities it would be. It’s the AD’s job (me) to inform everyone of their roles each day, and to keep everyone on schedule. It’s the Director’s job to cast an overall visual and give creative critique. Get to know us even a little, and this is very clear to who we are as a couple. Completely different and completely compatitble.

I read Brandon’s name, and my heart skipped a beat. When I started to read the huge paragraph, I was in complete shock. He told me that he thought I was really “intriguing” and had been trying to catch me after class to tell me that, but I walked so fast that he could never catch up! My friend and I tossed a few replies back and for and we landed on a short and sweet, but non-inviting response, “Aw that’s sweet! Thanks so much!” Brandon took one more courageous step out. He asked if we could meet for coffee. I politely responded, “Sure, that could be fun!” and the date was set.

To our future, current, and past couples,

We are so excited to share pieces of our story because we so want you to know your story. We LOVE hearing each and every story of our couples. We know how special they are. Our story is such a huge piece of why we love being wedding photographers. Why we love photography. We fell in love behind our cameras. We can’t wait to share more of that with you!

Lindsay and Brandon

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