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Over the last few weeks, we’ve shared pieces of our story. If you missed the first part, catch up here!

Part two of our story starts at Buon Giorno coffee shop in Downtown Fort Worth. When I walked inside, I saw Lindsay sitting at a table with an empty cup of what was a chai tea latte. I instantly panicked as I thought I had forgotten the time — but would later find out that she had arrive two hours early to make sure she was here early enough that it didn’t look like a date. We sat and talked for a while about everything — including Lindsay’s family, and their weird obsession with women’s college gymnastics. You read that right. I feel it’s important to note that since we’ve been together I have attended two NCAA college gymnastics championship meets, and I am now an official surrogate fan of the LSU tigers.

That night, I sent a text to my best friend with these exact words: “I think I met my future wife today.” They say, whoever “they” are, when you know, you just know. I guess I just have a knack for that kind of thing, because I was right from day one. The next week, I convinced Lindsay to come with me to a Rangers game with a few of my friends. To this day, she would say it was not supposed to be a date — which it totally was. To be honest, I have no idea who won the game, because we sat and talked for almost the entirety of the evening. It was easy to talk, and I wanted to know everything about her.

From that point on, we spent all our time together. We fell in love over late night study dates at Ol’ South Pancake House, spent our free time playing pool at the TCU REC, and dreamed about our future together. On a warm sunny day in April, I asked my best friend to spend the rest of her life with me, but we’ll tell you more about that one next week!

So to all you guys out there trying to get a date with that cute girl in your class, that won’t say yes to a real date… go on a fake one. Works like a charm. In the final chapter of our story, we want to share more about the proposal, the wedding, and the two years since we’ve been married.

To the couples and families we love and serve, we are SO grateful for you guys. We love inviting you into our journey because we know that this “marriage” thing isn’t only about the wedding day. We get to be with you on that day, but we also want to encourage you that it’s more than that. Weddings are the celebration of the life you’re starting together!


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