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I sat down the other day and started watching our wedding video. I realized that when we got married we were so young (22 & 24) and didn’t know what the future would hold. We were ready and excited, and we had no idea what would happen next. Our eyes were bright with the adventure ahead of us. When we said our vows that day, we meant them. Right before I said my vows, I took a deep breath and proceeded. Every word I said, I thought about and then said it.

Our pastor told us that we wouldn’t be able to live up to this kind of love we were promising to each other without the help of the Lord. He wasn’t trying to discourage us! He just wanted us to not be too hard on ourselves when we would inevitably mess up or get angry or have bad days together. We didn’t realize how true that would be. As I sat and watched our ceremony, tears rolled down my eyes because just as I had felt that day, I wanted to love Brandon the way that I was promising I would. Full of forgiveness and understanding. In the middle of our ceremony, we both knelt down on our hands and knees and washed one another’s feet. It was a representation of how we would live our lives: in a battle to our serve one another.

I texted Brandon and told him how honored I felt to get to witness this in so many others’ lives. It really is one of the most special jobs in the world to capture these moments. That one day in someone’s life when they make a commitment to another person. To love them. To cherish them. To spend the rest of their lives chasing after an adventure together.

You’ve allowed us to witness one of the most sacred things there is.

I write this post as a thank you to all the couples who have given us a chance to be a part of their day. You’ve allowed us to witness one of the most sacred things there is, and I am so grateful. I want you to know that not every day being married to someone is perfect, and we don’t always love our spouse as we promise. Maybe this blog finds you in a place of frustration, exhaustion, or apathy. Take a minute and remind yourself how you felt the day you made your vows. Read them again. Say them out loud. Pull out your wedding photo album (or digital gallery 😉 ) and your wedding video. Look through your pictures and reminisce together about how amazing it was. Ask each other, “what was the best day we’ve had together this year?” Never stop reminding each other why you picked one another. Forgive today and look forward to tomorrow! It’s a journey like no other. We can’t recommend it enough!

Thank you for letting us into your lives. We truly do love every minute of it! I hope to get to do this job for as long as possible. THANK YOU!


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