Things We Are Loving This Month | August Top 5

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Just an update from our little life here in the Fort. With Ellie, our life is constantly evolving! Today we wanted to share a few things we are loving this month that we really couldn’t live without!

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1. CBS’ Big Brother Season 21 – L&B

This one is a little embarrassing (I guess), but we absolutely love the show Big Brother. We are avid watchers! It’s friends and family thing too. Catch us most Wednesdays and Thursdays during the summer sitting on the floor with our dinners watching the live show. Who even watches TV live anymore! It’s one of the guilty pleasure shows we both love!


2. Instant Pot – L

Late nights and early mornings make it so difficult to have the energy to cook, so we’ve been using our instant pot a lot these days! Lindsay has loved cooking ever since college and she is always looking for delicious and healthy meals to make. Our go-to is always Tex-Mex!

3. New Balance Nergize Cross Trainers – L

After I had Ellie, my feet grew a half size and I needed some new tennis shoes! These New Balance Cross Trainers were recommended to me, and they feel like clouds! Lightweight and slip-on, they are some of the best tennis shoes I’ve had in a long time! They are also very cute!

4. Cold Brew – B

Brandon’s newest morning drink comes from our home cold brew maker! A little bit of ice and a splash of french vanilla cream. It’s basically an iced latte! We always make sure to have a pitcher brewing in the fridge overnight!

Brandon’s pick – Grady, Seaglass Grey
Lindsay’s pick – Percey, Chestnut Crystal

Images from Warby Parker

5. Warby Parker – L&B

We spend so much of our day staring at screens. Whether it’s our phone or our computer. We felt like it was important to invest in our eyes! We both found options that we love from Warby Parker and they are some of the most affordable options on the market!

Lastly… Here are a few pictures of Ellie from our recent trip to the Comal River!

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