The first 3 months | Ellie

Our Life

Brandon and I were smack dab in the middle of our debt free journey when we found out we were pregnant with Ellie. Because of this, we didn’t have much to spare to buy all the “cute” things or decorate our nursery to be Pinterest appropriate! It didn’t bother us much because we were so happy to be adding to our family, and so many of our friends and family were there to support us. Most of the the things that Ellie has have been given to us, purchased used, or hand-me-downs. We couldn’t be MORE grateful to have a community that loves us so much that they would provide all of these things.

The one thing we bought new, and yes it really was only this one thing, was this little bear. It’s Ellie’s bear. And we hope she loves it as she gets old enough to recognize it!

Today we wanted to share a few pictures of how fast our little Ellie is growing! One month all the way to 3 months! We can’t even believe she’s almost 4 months old!

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