Eagle Mountain Lake Proposal | Hannah & Jess


When we first FaceTimed with Jess, we knew we wanted to help him surprise Hannah. He told us about their relationship and their personalities and we started to brainstorm a perfect spot. When we hung up the phone, we immediately thought of this park we love that is right off of Eagle Mountain Lake. So, one Sunday afternoon, Brandon and Jess hiked around the area to find “the spot” and we all agreed that this secluded lookout of the lake would be perfect!

We touched base with Jess at the beginning of the week, and his final note to us was “I just need Friday to be here already!” We feel you Jess… We were eager, excited, and ready to meet Hannah officially after hearing so much about her!

The day finally arrived, and we got to the park 15 minutes before their estimated time of arrival and rushed to the lookout. We were filled with excited jitters (see the video attached)!! I can only imagine what Jess was feeling as he walked Hannah five minutes down the path to the lookout. Later we found out that the only place he could hide the ring box was in his boot!

Hannah & Jess, thank you so much for letting us be a part of the special moment. We hope that you never forget how you felt on this day: excited, in love, and ready for your adventure together! We love getting to capture these memories. It’s one of our most favorite parts of this job of ours!

Lindsay & Brandon

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