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Wednesdays With Us

We want to kick off a new series over the next few weeks because we absolutely love getting to know you guys, but sometimes we feel like you don’t get a chance to know US! So we decided that on Wednesdays, we would share something about who we are!

We want to kick off this series with something that is near and dear to our hearts… our nightly TV shows! For us, snuggling up on the couch and watching an episode (or two.. okay three) before bed is always one of our favorite times of the day! And since the colder months are coming, it’s a perfect time to decide what show(s) you want to watch next!


This is a nostalgic one for us! Especially Lindsay. Lindsay grew up watching Friends with her older brother, and she introduced the show to Brandon after they got married! It’s a great “cooking show” or editing show to have on in the background while we do other things, but it’s also a go-to when we aren’t sure what to start next! Don’t worry… we have ALL the DVDs for when they remove it from Netflix!

2. Parks and Rec

This was a Brandon recommendation, and after Ellie was born, we spent many of those early mornings (and late nights) watching this one! We love that it has short episodes and you don’t have to know every little detail to keep track of the story! Key when you are constantly making bottles or changing diapers and can miss things!

3. The Office

Another classic. The humor is what gets us in this one. Also, Brandon always laughs at Lindsay when she gets all emotional during Jim and Pam’s wedding. But who doesn’t get hit in the feels when they see him cut off his tie because her veil got ripped! Insert crying emoji…

4. Brooklyn Nine-Nine

This is a new one for us! We recently got access to Hulu (best thing ever) and we have a feeling this will be added to our “forever show” list. Like the ones before, we love that this show is short, simple, and humorous! We find ourselves constantly quoting Detective Peralta: “Cool, cool, cool, cool, cool, cool, cool, cool, cool.” We would definitely recommend!

5. Psych

This fifth spot was hard to fill because there are so many good shows out there, but it came down to what we wouldn’t get bored of watching. Brandon is not a huge fan of repeats, but we fell in love with this show and its craftiness. Even though the show is 40 minutes, we always find ourselves laughing at the two main characters, Shawn and Gus. If you can get over the main detective being a character from Disney’s Luck of the Irish, then we promise, it’s worth watching the first few episodes! We watched the whole series within the first few weeks of Ellie’s life!

Now we each have our own shows that we love individually as well, but this list is the ones we love to sit down and watch together! We love shows that are light-hearted, clever, and not to complex! Maybe we gave you some ideas to start a new show with your beau this week! Happy watching & happy Wednesday!

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