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We want to continue our Wednesdays with Us series this week by sharing 3 jobs we thought we would have before we were wedding photographers! We had other dreams and ideas for our future before this, and we had no idea that we would end up here!

1. Documentary Filmmaker – Lindsay

All throughout college, Lindsay swore up and down that she would make documentaries after she graduated! She didn’t know what the topic would be, but she knew she would do it… until she realized she would have to move to LA or a movie-making city! How can anyone leave Fort Worth??

2. Musician – Brandon

Brandon has always been musically inclined. He’s even played in a band! When he was in college, he played a few gigs here and there. He even sang at a local coffee shop that Leon Bridges performed at! He also tried out for and made it a few rounds in on The X-Factor. However, he felt like that life wasn’t really the route for him! He still loves playing music, and Lindsay will never forget when he played for her in front of all our friends and family on our wedding day!

3. Teacher – Lindsay

Lindsay comes from a long line of teachers, so this one isn’t farfetched! We didn’t get into our dream job right away, and there was a short period of time that it looked like she might go back to school and get a teaching degree so that she could teach media studies and video production. Though she coached cheerleading for a year right out of school, nothing ever came of this one!

We love this topic because when we first graduated high school & college, we had these big ideas, big dreams, and big goals! But the truth is that we really had no idea what we wanted! When we stumbled into this job by a friend asking us to film their wedding, we had no idea the journey it would lead us on! That being said… if you are in a place work-wise that you don’t love, hold on, friend. You never know what could be around the corner!

If you want to read more on how to find your “dream job” we’d highly recommend checking out the book The Proximity Principle by Ken Coleman

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