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We can’t believe it’s already November which means we are about to celebrate 4 years of marriage!

We aren’t huge on gifts at our house. It’s not that we don’t love receiving gifts… because who doesn’t love being given something that was specifically made for them?? It’s more that we really aren’t that great at thinking of things or finding things that make any sense for each other! But, in November, we have our wedding anniversary and Lindsay’s Birthday. Followed closely by Christmas! So the pressure is always high to deliver on gift giving!

We thought we would share our 4 favorite gifts we’ve given and received!

1. A Name Plate – From B to L

This one seems silly maybe to others but I will never forget how proud Brandon was when I opened this. At this point in time, I was working for a student ministry called Young Life, and Brandon got a custom name plate made for me with the Young Life logo on it. It was his way of telling me, “No matter what job you choose, I’m with you. I will support you in anything!” It still sits on my desk!

2. Engraved Wooden Watch – From L to B

This was actually the gift I gave Brandon on our wedding day. I picked out a simple modern style that I knew he would like. It had a leather band and wooden rim. But the best part was on the back there was an engraving that said, “I choose you.” Sadly, one day I hit the glass and it shattered the watch front! Hopefully, one day we can find a suitable replacement!

3. Plush Robe – From B to L

This robe was perfect for when the weather got colder. I remember I wore it all Christmas day. It was perfect when I was pregnant, and I’m excited for the cooler weather to be able to wear it again! My house shoes come in a close second!

4. Sleep Mask – From L to B

This one is purely for use and practicality! Brandon wore this sleep mask every night after the Christmas I bought it for him! Unfortunately, our dog, Bailey, found it one day and it never quite functioned the same since then!

Even though we aren’t the BEST give givers, we still love seeing the look on the other person’s face when we try to give them something they will love! In truth, we’d rather spend our money on making memories and going places! So many times our “gift” to one another has something to do with an adventure!

As we come close to 4 years of marriage, that is our plan! No anniversary gifts, only memories! Our anniversary will be filled with all our favorite things: good food, pedicures (for both of us), and our favorite movies (good next post??)

Till next week!

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