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Wednesdays With Us

We had a request for this one, and we think it’s SO fun! It’s not often in the Spring & Fall that we have a free Saturday, but when we do have those few and far between Saturdays at home, here are 3 things you might catch us doing!

1. A House Project

In the summer of 2018, we moved into our 1960s house in Fort Worth, and since then we’ve taken every spare moment on the weekend to try to improve it. It could be simply trimming the trees (Brandon’s job) or reorganizing and dusting our built-ins in the living room. OR it could be something like replacing all the wood on our deck outside or redoing the vanity in our master bathroom! We love our little house and we want to leave it better than when we bought it!

2. Naps – all 3 of us

When we aren’t shooting on the weekend, we take the time to catch up on the sleep that we put off during the week! When Ellie goes down for a nap, we take sometimes ourselves to either nap or have “quiet time”. We do our best to be intentional about not working on the weekends we aren’t shooting because we really want to love our job, not resent it! The best way we know how is to be thankful for the rest we can get on a weekend, leave the email unread till Monday (unless it’s urgent, of course!), and spend time together.

3. Spend Time with Friends

Some rare Saturdays we get to go somewhere, with or without Ellie, and be with the people that we never get to see! If we can muster up the energy, we will get together with friends and play poker or, one of our personal favs, Blood & Thunder (basically an adult version of Sorry)! We don’t have a lot of spare time in the week to do this, so it’s such a treat to get to do this on weekends we aren’t photographing!

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