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It’s finally Wednesday, and that means we get to share something things about us! With all the holidays coming up, we started making travel plans and we realized that we always incorporate these three things into our road trips!

1. Stop for Sonic Drinks

What is a road trip without your favorite drink? In true Enneagram 2 & 7 nature, Lindsay always gets the same thing, predictable one could say, and you can never guess what Brandon is going to get!

Lindsay’s order: Vanilla Coke Zero.

Brandon’s order: Ocean Water, Raspberry Limeade, Peach Tea.

2. Listen to a Podcast

We don’t always listen to the same ones, but our favorites are Dave Ramsey and Serial. We always like to have something other than music to help break up car trips to make them go by faster. Even though the drive to Houston is only 3 1/2 hours or so, it’s still nice to have a little variety!

3. Pack the Car the Night Before

This one is at the request of Lindsay. With 2 adults and 1 baby, it’s so hard to load up and get out the door when you think you want to. By loading our car the night before, we typically can be out and on the road around the time we are planning on!

When we do travel, it’s usually Brandon who drives, Lindsay who navigates, and Ellie who slows us all down. But, hey, at least we make it to where we need to go! If someone could just go ahead and invent teleporting, we would be so grateful because car rides are not our favorite thing. But these things help make it a little more bearable!

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