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After the last few years of photographing in Fort Worth, we’ve compiled a list of the best Fort Worth session locations! There are many amazing spots all around Fort Worth, but these are some of our favorites that our clients have loved! We are always open to new places, but we wanted to share with you guys if you wanted a great place to start:

Benbrook Lake Photography


Benbrook lake makes our list of best Fort Worth locations because it barely looks like it could be Texas. It’s right on the waterfront and is located on the south edge of Fort Worth. This is perfect if you are looking for an ethereal feel in your session. If you feel up for it, you can hop in the water and play!

Fees: None
Parking: Free. We will typically text you a pin for where you can park!
Outfit Changing Location: Car
Examples: Grace & Nate Maternity, Danielle & Tyler Maternity


Tandy Hills is a go-to spot for us! It always it beautiful! Whether it’s in the Fall and all the trees are changing colors, or in the Spring and Summer when the grass is green and the wildflowers are out! We love the gorgeous light here! Also, you can see the Downtown Fort Worth skyline from this park! These sessions happen just before sunset! It’s a perfect spot for those who love natural outdoor photos. The ideas for this location are endless, so don’t be afraid to make it your own!

Address: 3400 View Street Fort Worth, Texas 76103
Fees: None
Parking: Free on the street
Outfit Changing Location: Car

Examples: Grace & Danny Engagement, Marilyn & Will Engagement, Cailey Senior, Avery Senior, Katelin & Chad Maternity


We have started to love indoor sessions more and more! The Lumen Room is a perfect option for an indoor session with little to no distractions. You start with a blank space and you can literally do anything with it! We love this spot for families, motherhood, maternity, and engagements!

Fees: $75/hour
Address: Fort Worth location – 1124 Galveston Ave #101, Fort Worth, TX 76104
Dallas location – 4301 Bryan St #302, Dallas, TX 75204
Parking: Free.
Outfit Changing Location: In the studio or bathroom
Examples: Heather & Haven Creative Co Branding (Fort Worth), Sincerely, Addison Branding (Fort Worth), Emily Beth Gutierrez Branding (Dallas), The Stone Girls (Fort Worth), Sami & Matt Anniversary (Dallas)


This spot offers lots of options for couples and families. It’s got a bright and modern feel at the front of the park, and just a short walk away, there is a hidden waterfall. Perfect for couples and families that are up for a little climbing and moving around!

Address: 200 Pumphrey Dr, Westworth Village, TX 76114
Fees: None
Parking: There’s a parking lot in front of the park!
Outfit Changing Location: Car

Examples: Kayla & Mark, Madison & Ryan, Moreland Family, Hill Family

Eagle Mountain Lake Park Photography


Eagle Mountain Lake Park is such a sweet mix of rock rustic and outdoors. There are a variety of spots that it almost seems like multiple locations. We love the patches of cacti and big trees that frame the pathways. The greens and the neutrals come out in the Spring and the Summer, and the tall grass is fun for Fall! If you are only wanting to go to one location for your session, this would be a great option! This spot can be rocky, and we do walk around a bit, so feel free to grab some flats to walk in!

Address: 11601 Morris Dido Newark Rd, Fort Worth, TX 76179
Fees: None
Parking: Free
Outfit Changing Location: Car

Examples: Hannah & Jess


This Kimbell offers a neutral and modern backdrop for any session! We love that it has multiple options for shooting! In the Spring and Summer, the trees are full and beautiful, and the light is gorgeous! It also has a covered archway that photographs beautifully. In the Spring and early Summer, there are beautiful blooms on the trees! We are always excited to shoot here! This spot is perfect for sunrise sessions.

Address: 3333 Camp Bowie Blvd, Fort Worth, TX 76107
Fees: None
Parking: Free on the street, can be limited so try to arrive early Outfit Changing Location: Car

Examples: Weitman Family, Avery Senior, Liz Senior


The Trinity Trails is one of our personal favorites. We stumbled on this location walking with some friends and our sweet pup, Bailey! This spot has tall trees and lots of variety. There is a path up high and grassy fields down lower! In the Spring, the trails are covered in wildflowers! In the Summer, the Trinity River is full and a fun backdrop for any session!

Address: We typically send you a pin for the best spot for the season of your session!
Fees: None
Parking: Free. There is a little bit of a walk, so grab some flats to change into!
Outfit Changing Location: Car

Examples: Gabriela & Austin Engagement, Kaleigh & Austin Engagement, Alyse & Jack

Rockledge Park Photography


Technically, Rockledge Park is not in Fort Worth, it makes our list because it is GORGEOUS! Sitting just on the edge of Grapevine Lake, this is another waterfront location that is romantic and ethereal. This location also has access to the water.

Fees: $5 per vehicle, $50 media pass
Address: Rockledge Park, 3600 Pilot Point, Grapevine, TX 76051
Parking: Just inside the gate
Outfit Changing Location: Car
Examples: Jess & Perry Maternity, Kayla & Ryan Maternity

This is is just a place to start when looking for the best Fort Worth locations! HOWEVER! Always dream big about where you want your session to be! Don’t be afraid to make it your own!

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LAST UPDATED: April 2021

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