8 Light & Airy Amazon Dresses | Spring 2020

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We all know the struggle of finding affordable dresses every time we schedule a photoshoot. With online shopping continually growing, and Amazon fashion gaining traction, I wanted to gather some outfits that fit into the light and airy style. Amazon dresses can be a hit or miss with fashion.

As we have mentioned before, your outfit choices can really affect the overall feel of your session. We always suggest our clients keep this idea in mind when deciding what to wear. We recommend people search for neutral or pastel colors. At times, neutrals can be hard to find, especially in Fall and Winter. So I pulled 8 of my favorite neutral and pastel Amazon dresses currently available into this post!

Last thing. I wanted to take a second for you to consider two things when ordering from Amazon:

  1. Allow time for your dress to arrive. Do you best not to order the week of your shoot!
  2. Read reviews & try it on before your session. Sizing on Amazon can be different sometimes!

Here are some of my favorite Amazon finds for the springtime!


*This post contains affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases*

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