Target Spring Dresses 2020

Beauty + Style

As we move toward Spring, I wanted to gather up some of my favorite Target Spring dresses for you all! We are committed to helping you take photos you love, and a part of that is helping you with what to wear!

We recently shared a post recently of some of our favorite affordable Amazon dresses! Just like Amazon, we feel like Target is another one of those affordable and accessible places. Just about everyone can find at least one thing they love! Check out our light and airy outfit inspiration post for some ideas and more gorgeous dresses!

As we have shared before, we think that your outfit choice and really change the overall feel and look of your images. Therefore, it’s so important to find a dress that you feel comfortable and confident in and that will fit the look you are going for. For our clients, we always recommend pastel colors and softer hues. We also love flowy dresses that are fun to play and twirl in!

So here it is! Some of my favorite Target Spring dresses! These options all range from $25-$35!

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