The Motherhood Project | Complimentary Professional Editing Due to COVID-19

Motherhood, Our Life

UPDATE: This project has completed!

Let us start by saying that this idea was shared by one of our dear friends and fellow photographers, Sami Kathryn! Sami is serving moms and families during this time by offering her time and expertise. We feel exactly the same way and we are wanting to “Spread the joy,” as Sami says!

We know from experience how the early few months of your baby’s life can fly by! We remember the first few weeks at home with Ellie. We were exhausted and just in survival mode. Ellie’s first 3 months were a blur! We love motherhood photography and our hearts hurt that we can’t capture images during this season. SO… If you had a baby in February – May of 2020 and you weren’t able to have a newborn session because of COVID-19, we want to offer you a small gift to help you memorialize these priceless moments.

We are offering complimentary professional editing services for up to 10 personal iPhone or DSLR photos you’ve taken of your newborn or your new baby with your family. This offer will be open (as of now) through the end of May. Lindsay will color-correct & retouch your images and send the finished files straight back to your inbox. You’ll receive a color and black & white version of each image. We know that each day in these early stages is SO precious and they are growing so fast. It’s our heart that you don’t ever forget how big (or little) they were and what their little fingers and toes looked like! We hope this is a blessing to your family and a reminder that we are in this with you.

Scroll down to see a few samples of before & afters!

7 Tips for Indoor Images:

  1. Find as much natural light as you can! The best time of day for this is going to be between 10am – 2pm. Move close to the window and open the blinds as wide as you can get them!
  2. Find simple, light-colored backdrops. White walls, neutral walls, etc.
  3. If you are using a DSLR camera, make sure to switch your photo format to RAW. Here is a quick tutorial for that.
  4. Consider using white or lighter colored swaddles.
  5. Try to capture a variety of images, such as full length of your newborn, close-ups of feet and/or hands, baby with mom, baby with dad, baby with both parents, baby with siblings, & a crib or nursery image.
  6. Keep posing simple and squeeze in the space between you and baby. Snuggles are always my favorite!
  7. Please do not add any filters to your images before you send them


  1. Leilani Krndija says:

    This is so helpful. I am due next month and our iPhones will be our only pics of our newborn at the hospital and so forth. I love this and thank you for offering this!

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