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I am always getting texts from my mom friends right before their fall pictures about what they should wear. So today I wanted to share some Fall family outfit inspiration! Putting together coordinating outfits for the whole family can be super stressful. Below, I’ve laid out three examples of how I would style a family. I’ve shared examples of mom & dad with pre-teens, toddlers, and babies, both boy & girl.

What I did for each family was pick a dominant color for each member of the family but still kept the colors near one another (if that makes sense)!

I always start with mom. I put mom in what she feels most comfortable in. Something she is excited to wear for her fall family pictures. After all… these photos are probably happening because she organized it! Once we have something for mom, we can work our way over to the dad then the kiddos. You will notice that I chose more subdued “fall colors”. Aiming for neutrals, toned down reds/pinks, navys, and the like. This is “our style” and what we would suggest for a family we photograph! But this system can be used with more fall-like colors as well. I always think about how each family member would look next to the other to make sure there aren’t too many like colors in one image.

Family of 4 | mom, dad, pre-teen boy, toddler girl

Mom’s dress is taupe. It’s mostly a neutral color with a little pink tint so I would suggest the toddler wear a pink dress with neutral stockings. The Dad can go simple. White shirt with navy slacks. I put the boy in a simple patterned button down with khaki slacks to bring the whole look together.

Family of 5 | mom, dad, pre-teen girl, toddler boy, baby girl

Mom’s dress is white. This means that the rest of her family can dress in any color pretty much! Dad gets a navy button down with khaki slacks. We want the oldest daughter to wear something pretty for her age, so I chose a soft pink for her dominant color. Her younger brother gets a plain t shirt with khaki pants (he get’s to match dad!). The baby get a cute light blue matching set that will fit in will all 4 family members!

Family of 3 | mom, dad, baby boy

Mom’s dress is mauve. Her dress will be the most color for this family. Dad gets a white henley shirt with khaki slacks. Their baby boy can wear just about anything but I went with a neutral brown overall set that he can wear a white onesie under!

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Other Light & Airy Fall Options for Kids

Did this give you Fall family outfit inspiration? We’ve gathered our favorite light & airy dress inspiration here!

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