Fall Mini Sessions 2020 Highlights | Fort Worth, TX

Couples, Family, Tylers

A lot of people ask us why we still offer mini sessions. Like anything in our business, we always have to filter our decisions through 2 questions:

1. Is this something that is true to who we are as people?
2. Will this serve people well?

Because we have such a packed schedule, it often does not offer a lot of free time to capture pictures of families and individuals. We think that wedding photos are some of the best heirlooms you can create, but we also know how important family photos are as we have become parents and watch our little one, Ellie, grow SO fast.

By offering mini sessions once in the Fall and once in the Spring, it allows us to meet new families and capture the changes of families we’ve worked with before! This year, we had so many favorite moments over the course of 3 different days, so that is what we are sharing today!

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