Benbrook Lake Maternity | Danielle & Tyler

Maternity, Motherhood

These two people are some of my favorite people ever! I’m sad only that I have known them as long as I have known Brandon because Danielle is Brandon’s cousin! I’m convinced, however, that I had met Danielle randomly that we would have become friends all on our own.

When they told us they were pregnant, I was ecstatic!! Not only are they just about 6 weeks from welcoming baby Simon into the world, they just adopted their dog, Bridget! What a fun time! And scary, and exciting, and all the other emotions soon-to-be-parents feel.

Danielle & Tyler, we can’t wait to meet little nugget. We already love baby boy or girl SO much and can’t wait for many playdates, Christmases, and all the in-between moments for Ellie and her new cousin to play!! We love you both so much!


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