Kimbell Art Museum Proposal | Caroline & Jacob


Jacob reached out to me and Brandon eight weeks before he planned to propose. We could tell he was SO excited to ask Caroline to marry him while balancing making it special for the both of them! Just a few weeks before the planned date, we met Jacob at the Kimbell Art Museum and talked through all of his options so that on the day, we all knew the plan!

When they first arrived, we thought Caroline had us made, but later we found out, she was totally engrossed with Jacob and had no idea we were there! We call that a win! After Jacob dropped down on his knee and Caroline said, “Yes, of course!!” Caroline and Jacob’s family came running toward them from their hiding spot just a few yards away. What sweet moments to witness as two families are starting the journey of joining together!

Jacob, thank you for trusting us to capture a moment in your life that you will talk about for years. To you both, we can’t wait to see what this next season of life brings and we are here celebrating with you!


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