Airfield Falls Engagement | Chrissy & Clay


When we first met these two they told us they are “similar in about as many ways as we are different”. Within two minutes of being around them, we could tell that was 100% accurate.

Clay shared with us that when he decided to propose to Chrissy, he knew the exact ring he wanted to give her. There used to be a ring in Chrissy’s family that belonged to her Grandmother. Unfortunately, the ring had been stolen when they lived in North Carolina. As Clay searched for a replacement engagement ring, he kept his eyes open for a similar one from the era. Not only did he find a ring that Chrissy loved, but it also looked like the one that had been lost. Although nothing can replace the original, Chrissy’s engagement ring will continue on her Grandmother’s legacy!

Chrissy & Clay, thank you for trusting us to capture these moments. It’s because of couples like you guys that we enjoy our jobs so much. We can’t wait to see where you two adventure to next (and live vicariously through you)! See you in just a few weeks!


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