Montgomery, TX Engagement | Taylor & Michael


This is a sweet one. Though this was our first time meeting Taylor and Michael in person, we only live 15 minutes from each other! One thing is for sure, these two can laugh. Lots of people can be giggly and nervous when you first start taking pictures of them, but I truly believe these two live with smiles on their faces all the time!

When we first chatted with Taylor and Michael, they told us that they have been together since high school. In just a few short months, they will be getting married on their 7th anniversary! How many people can say that!? Taylor laughed through a story about Michael seeing her fall in high school, to which he responded, “That was you!?” Of course, followed up by a chorus of laughter from all of us.

Taylor & Michael, we are so excited about what’s next. You have watched one another grow, change, and become these incredible individuals, and now you are taking another big step of faith into the next adventure! We feel so honored to be able to capture a small portion of your story. July can’t come soon enough!

Till then!
Lindsay & Brandon

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