The Clubs at Houston Oaks Engagement | Lily & Nolan


Lily & Nolan are the epitome of “young and in love.” They are SO excited to start their lives together that they want to spend their last two years at A&M married. When I asked about what they were studying, they both mentioned business and how they would have many classes together in the upcoming semester. How fun on the first day when the professor checks the roll and sees a married couple in their class!

These two high school sweethearts were planning their wedding before they were even engaged! They booked with us before Nolan popped the question because they had already decided to get married before the new semester started. A few short weeks later, we received the email saying they were officially engaged and ready for pictures! Nolan is a member of The Clubs at Houston Oaks which gave us exclusive access to the property. Talk about dreamy light, big trees, and Beyonce wind!

Lily & Nolan, thank you for bringing us into a small piece of your love story. We loved getting to hear more about your dreams and joys for the future as you enter one of the most life-changing seasons. Thank you for trusting us when we say “It feels weird but it looks great!” August at The Farmhouse is going to be beautiful.

See you then,
– L&B

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