Kimbell Art Museum & Tandy Hill Engagement | Korynn & Trent


It’s rare that we run into people that love Fort Worth as much as we do now that we live in Houston. But Korynn & Trent give us a run for our money. We always love any excuse to make our way back to the Fort Worth area and stop off for some yummy food on our way back into town, so the Kimbell & Tandy Hills were the perfect spots to merge the two with some variety of scenery. 

We had a great time working with these two and even learned about another thing we share in common — our love for music! This mention is specifically meant to keep Trent on the line for playing his Sax at the wedding (you’re welcome).

Korynn & Trent, it’s easy to photograph two people who can make each other smile so easily and are so excited to be there together. We can’t wait to see how joy-filled, maybe tear-filled, Trent will be as we celebrate your wedding day at The Brooks at Weatherford. Thanks for trusting us when we said, “It feels weird, but I promise it looks great!” Here’s to more people just like y’all!

On to the wedding,

– Brandon & Lindsay

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