Lily & Nolan are the epitome of “young and in love.” They are SO excited to start their lives together that they want to spend their last two years at A&M married. When I asked about what they were studying, they both mentioned business and how they would have many classes together in the upcoming […]


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The Clubs at Houston Oaks Engagement | Lily & Nolan

Being a wedding photographer can sometimes feel like we only get to know couples for a very short period of a couple’s life. You can look at it as a blessing, but sometimes it makes me sad that we don’t have more time with people. But this is why I love bridals. It gives me […]


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The Peach Orchard Bridal | Mamie

It feels like only a few weeks ago we were capturing Rachel & Carter’s engagement session in Fort Worth, but it has been almost 10 months! So when the first day of May rolled around, we were so excited for these two to finally celebrate their next step together. We also couldn’t wait to meet […]

Weatherford, Wedding

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The Brooks at Weatherford Wedding | Rachel & Carter

We’re back at it again at our favorite view of Downtown Fort Worth, Tandy Hills. We don’t get to shoot here as often as we like to anymore since we’ve moved to Houston, but we always appreciate it when we get the chance to come back and visit. Gianna and Nate showed up looking muy […]


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Tandy Hills Engagement | Gianna & Nate

Any day with fish is a good day. Wisdom from my father-in-law that now makes much more since having shot Sara and Wesley’s wedding. When Lindsay and I arrived and made our first check-ins with Sara & Wesley, we were greeted with the familiar beautiful sky and perfect weather at the Farmhouse … but we […]

Houston, Wedding

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The Farmhouse Wedding | Sara & Wesley

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